Our Airless Spraying Service

We have a significant amount of experience in airless spraying of emulsions and topcoats to structures including walls, ceilings, soffits, and steelwork. Our work on projects using this technique has proven popular in the past among our clients, who have frequently found it both cost-effective and efficient.

In the past we have successfully renovated suspended ceiling grids, external soffits, and internal exposed steelwork to excellent standards, leaving a great finish and impressing our clients.

We also carry out HVLP spraying to aluminium shopfronts, which is a great cost-effective way to change the design and appearance of a shopfront. This can be especially useful in situations where retailers decide to re-brand or move into new premises with existing branding.

We’re proud to offer a range of specialist finishes such as airless spraying and HVLP spraying and strive to ensure that every time we carry out projects that require this service, we leave behind excellent quality work that meets the initial brief. We’ve become known for our eagerness to achieve consistently high quality finishes, and this is no different on projects that require airless spraying or HVLP spraying.

All of our tradesmen are trained in the use of specialist paint spraying equipment and ensure all preparation work (such as glasswork masking) is completed to a high standard to guarantee adhesion to the aluminium is flawless.

We have worked on a variety of commercial painting and decorating projects using airless and HVLP spraying and our experienced team has travelled nationwide to transform shopfronts for clients like Specsavers, Home Bargains, and Michael Kors, as well as plenty of other independent retailers.


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