Why to Choose DDS for External Painting Liverpool Projects

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The start of a new year is the perfect time to begin any long overdue maintenance work on your property. It’s also the right time to start planning any exterior works for the coming spring and summer months. Most of the time more attention is given to the interior of a building whilst the exterior can look dilapidated and not reflect the state of the interior. Maintaining the exterior of your building is essential to the upkeep of your property as well as creating a welcoming and professional appearance for your business. We’re one of the most experienced companies for commercial external painting Liverpool has on offer so we’re here to explain why you should choose us for your external painting projects this year!

Professional External Painting Liverpool

We’ve worked on many commercial external painting projects both in our hometown of Liverpool and nationally across the country. Our customers have included a range of household names such as Waitrose, Pizza Express, Home Bargains, plus many more.

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There are many factors to consider when working on an external painting job including weather issues during works and how to combat damage from certain weather effects in the long term. Difficult areas to access can also be a real problem but, since the majority of our workforce are IPAF and PASMA certified, we can get to those hard to reach areas using scaffolding, cherry pickers, or scissor lifts.

When you choose to use our external painting service, you benefit from our skills and product knowledge to protect your building from the elements. Painting external rainwater gutters not only makes them look better, done correctly it can protect them from corrosion and offer waterproofing qualities. This is done using rust inhibitors like zinc phosphate and a product called Acrypol. These products are ideal for protecting gutters that would inevitably sustain water damage otherwise.

The look of a building can be greatly improved with contemporary colours in masonry paint. An example of this can be seen below where we sensitively refinished a Pizza Express in Warwick. The building is listed and benefited massively from a refresh.

external painting warwick

Protecting your building from rust is also important and we have many products that can resist the buildup of rust on exposed steel.

Our painting services provide practical solutions to many problems that buildings face, as well as providing a clean and fresh look.

Our Latest External Painting Projects

external metal painting

An example of aesthetically improving external paintwork that also provides protection from future corrosion can be seen here.

We transformed a tired and unsightly fire escape in Oxford. Not only does it look significantly better, with the rust protection and Weathershield gloss coating it should stay looking like this for up to 10 years.

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There is no project too big as we have all the equipment and expertise needed. If you have a project that you would like the external painting Liverpool experts to work on be sure to get in touch and book in your project by calling us on 0151 550 0112.