Fire Protection For Your Commercial Property

commercial fire protection

As the owner of a commercial property your main concern should be safety before appearance. DDS, as one of the leading painting and decorating companies in Liverpool, can provide both fire safety and a glossy, professional image for your building. We offer a fire protection service for commercial buildings in the form of treatments and paints that offer varying levels of time protection, offering you peace of mind.

Fire Safety In The Workplace

As an owner, employer or somebody who has control of a commercial building you will have a duty of care to ensure that the building follows strict fire safety regulations, and there are serious consequences if these regulations aren’t followed including fines and potential imprisonment. As well as having all of the fire safety procedures in place such as risk assessments, evacuations, and providing your staff with fire safety training, your building also has to be built with fire safety in mind by using flame retardant materials.  

commercial fire hazards

DDS Fire Protection Service

Steel structures in particular need to be flame retardant, although they have a high fire safety performance it’s important to put in place extra measures to keep the temperature of the steel low for a minimum duration of 30 minutes. Our team are specialists in fire protection and we treat steel with intumescent paint. This is a coating that’s applied to steel beams to provide protection from fire while having the additional quality of looking nice. It can be used both internally and externally to fireproof steel structures.

Intumescent paint can be applied with a brush, roller or, more commonly, sprayed to give an even finish. We use intumescent paint that offers 30, 60, or 90 minute fire protection.

fire protection service

Fire Retardant Paint

We also use flame retardant paint on walls and other structures to give your building extra protection if a fire were to break out. Fire retardant paint is most commonly used on large commercial projects where large scale fires are more likely to occur. To ensure that your commercial property meets fire safety legislation we suggest you take these extra precautions by having your walls and steel structures coated in flame retardant material.

DDS can ensure that your business is safe, fireproof, and able to pass its risk assessment with our fire protection service. So whether you’re working on a new build or are refurbishing an old building to meet fire safety standards, the experts at DDS can help you. We will also provide your business premises with an attractive finish by using a topcoat of your choice.

If you’re looking for painting and decorating contractors in Merseyside to provide fire protection to your walls and steel structures, make sure you contact DDS on 0151 550 0112, we welcome both small and large local and national projects.