Our Commercial Floor Coverings Service

We’re able to apply many different types of commercial floor coverings, ranging from dust proofing to chemical resistant paints, which can be hugely useful in industrial environments. Our range of specialist floor coverings are available for all types of businesses, and we’re always happy to work with a client looking for quality commercial works, no matter how big or small the project.

We can apply a dust or concrete sealer to both new and existing substructures, including plant rooms and garages, and can also produce floor coating for hard wearing areas like car showrooms or industrial floors. We’re also able to paint hatchings lines onto specialist flooring if required.

At DDS, we are experienced in applying a wide variety of different floor paints with different special properties, including one that is low odour during application which can be useful if you plan to continue using the area soon after painting. We also offer floor coverings with properties such as slip resistance and low maintenance requirements, so we’re always able to meet our clients needs, no matter how specialist they are.

Our floor paints often have a long life expectancy, even in areas of heavy traffic such as warehouse floors, so no matter what environment you need commercial flooring for, we’re a great choice to provide it.

We work closely with our clients throughout the quotation stage of the process and throughout the works, meaning we get a good idea of the vision they have for their commercial painting and decorating projects and can work towards it. Our specialist commercial floor coverings are perfect for any commercial or industrial client.