Commercial Painting

Our Commercial Painting Service

Here at DDS, we undertake a variety of corporate and commercial projects that range in scale from £1k to £100k, covering all aspects of commercial painting and decorating. However, we believe that commercial painting is our main area of expertise where we have the largest amount of experience to draw from.

For large scale painting projects, we deal with a broad range of wall surfaces as well as decorating ornate mouldings and applying specialist floor paints. We make sure that all of our services are delivered to the highest standard, from initial preparation through to the application of the flawless final coat.

We understand that all of our clients will have different needs and that we need to work in close partnership together, with these needs in mind, to make sure we can consistently uphold our exceptional standards.

We also know that clients often have high expectations about the end results, so we like to involve them in the process from the early design stage, tailoring our approach and methods to work towards the vision that the client has of the final finish. We are also extremely understanding of time constraints, project deadlines, and the importance of minimising disruption to business.

Our clients needs will vary from industry to industry and we always adapt to suit these needs. This means that we can provide an out of hours service for businesses that need to continue to operate throughout the works. We frequently find that for businesses that plan to continue to run throughout the day, it can be very important to know that you won’t be impacted by our work while we’re carrying out the commercial painting project.


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