DDS Fire Protection Systems

Decorating with fire protection system

We can help to keep your business fire safe

Applying the appropriate fire protection system is an important aspect of fire suppression. If you are nearing completion of a commercial build project or you are planning a building refurbishment then Distinctive Decorating Services (that’s us – DDS) can do the hard work that will makes your fire risk assessment go smoothly.


Commercial decorators with fire protection system experience

We can assist you in making your commercial business fire safe. One of the key fire protection systems to have in place is coating steel with intumescent paint.

The paints we use for fire suppression purposes typically offer 30, 60 or 90 minute protection, depending upon the specifications of the job at hand.

How our fire protection systems work

When applying specialist paint to steel we require a steel drawing at quotation stage to accurately calculate the amount of paint required for the appropriate level of coverage.

After our work is complete, the fire certificate is issued directly but by our suppliers, so you will already be safe in the knowledge that our work has been guaranteed as safe by a third party.


Making your fire protection system look good

Of course, painting and decorating isn’t all about health and safety, it’s about creating a space that functions well for its intended purpose. If you are creating a space such as a restaurant, department store or office that needs to look warm and inviting, we can complete your job by applying a topcoat of your choice.