Fire Protection

Our Fire Protection Service

Here at DDS, we frequently provide a variety of fire protection services that help our clients to safeguard their commercial property against fire. These include the option to add flame-retardant materials to walls, doors, and other areas of the building, as well as the treatment of structural steel with intumescent paint.

The paints that we use for our fire protection services are mainly spray applied and can offer a variety of protection levels – normally 30, 60, or 90 minutes of protection (as specified at the quotation stage).

For any fire protection work on steel, we require a steel drawing at the quotation stage so that we can properly calculate the quantity of paint that is required for your specific project and apply layers at the right thickness to fully meet the required fire protection.

Once we have applied the spray, we make sure that we’ve applied the fire protection coats sufficiently to ensure your building is up to standard. Only then will we be able to request a fire certificate that will be raised by our suppliers to guarantee the work that we have done for you.

After our work is finished, the surfaces that you have applied the fire protection sprays to can either be boxed or left exposed (depending entirely on your preference) and can then be covered with a top coat for aesthetic purposes.

With DDS, you don’t have to choose between safety and appearance, a factor that has proved to be popular with retailers and restaurants on previous projects!


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