HVLP vs Airless Paint Spraying

hvlp vs airless paint spraying

Both high volume, low pressure painting (otherwise known as HVLP painting) and airless spray painting are used for large commercial painting and decorating projects, but there are certain differences between the two, with each having their own specific uses and benefits.

Both are used to give a sleek, glossy and professional look to painting projects, but not all buildings and surfaces are the same and one method of painting doesn’t suit all environments. HVLP and airless spray painting work in different ways to deliver a certain look for different types of surfaces inside and outside of the building. Here are some of the differences between HVLP painting and airless spraying, and how these methods could benefit your commercial painting project.

HVLP Paintinghvlp painting

HVLP spray painting produces a precise delivery of the spray. This can be useful for both internal and external painting projects where it’s important to create as little mess and overspray as possible so as to not destroy other parts of the decor. The detailed precision of HVLP is great for painting small and delicate areas and for furniture. These paint guns work by atomizing the paint using air pumped through an air compressor.

HVLP painting is a lot quieter than airless spray painting which is perfect for indoor renovation projects, It causes minimal disruption to commercial buildings, which often have to remain open whilst renovation work takes place. HVLP spray painting ensures a very uniform appearance which is important for brands which need to have the same design in all of their stores.

Airless Spray Paintingairless spray gun

On the other hand, airless spray painting is also a great external and internal painting method as it can cover large flat surfaces very evenly. Whereas HVLP can be used for touch ups, airless spraying cannot as the overspray is too big for this precise detailing. Airless spray painting works by pressurizing the paint out of a smaller nozzle for a faster but louder spray. It operates at a high temperature, pressure and volume and is used by professional painting and decorating contractors because it can handle thick, industrial paints.   

HVLP and Airless Spray Painting at DDS

We have completed extensive work with both of these methods of painting and they’ve proved beneficial to many of our commercial projects. Both of these spray painting methods work well together, particularly if the project involves both internal and external painting.

We’ve worked with big national brands including Home Bargains, Specsavers and Michael Kors, so if you have a commercial project that requires professional quality internal or external painting, be sure to contact the painters and decorators at DDS on 0151 550 0112.