Specialist floor coverings from specialist painters and decorators

commercial floor coverings

Commercial decorators for industrial environments

At Distinctive Decorating Services we operate a team of dedicated commercial painters and decorators. As a result, our operatives have a range of specialist skills that can be applied in a range of commercial, industrial and other working environments. One of the key services we offer, that is unique to commercial painting and decorating companies, is the ability to install specialist floor coverings.


Why engage commercial painters and decorators?

Only an experienced commercial painting and decorating company such as ours is able to supply such a broad range of specialist floor coverings, suited to a whole host of unique environments.

Whether you are operating a car showroom, a retail clothing business, a factory or a garage, the thing that you have in common with all of those other environments is that your flooring needs to be able to withstand heavy traffic – be it foot, vehicle or both.

You will no doubt want your flooring to be able to withstand the rigours of your particular business activity for years, without the need to spend out on repairs or replacements. Employing any painter and decorator that is unused to servicing organisations in your area of business, could mean that you end up with flooring that doesn’t last.

Even many experienced commercial decorators don’t have the same track record that we do of working in every environment, so it is well worth seeking a firm that has relevant case studies and testimonials to share.


Specialist floor coverings

Does your floor need to be slip resistant, chemical resistant, waterproof, dust proof or otherwise specially sealed? From warehouses to plant rooms and from new builds to existing structures, we have worked just about everywhere, for some of the most recognisable brand names in the UK.

Few commercial painting and decorating firms have the experience that we are able to offer. Our painters and decorators have worked for the NHS, HSBC, Aldi, Morrisons, Boots, McDonalds and other world renowned brands in a range of sectors.

Whatever commercial painting and decorating experience your job requires, the chances are that we will have the ability to supply you with the reassurance that we have it.

For specialist floor coverings and any other job that requires commercial painters and decorators, contact DDS.