MAC, Smashbox and Aveda

Our work in the MAC, Smashbox, and Aveda stores in Westgate Shopping Centre, Oxford involved helping to complete a collection of brand new stores that were set to open as soon as possible. As the stores were all brand new we had the opportunity to work from a blank slate with the work that we were asked to undertake. We spent nearly a month working on all three projects at the same time – and we completed our work by 19th October 2017.

We had a lot of work to do in these stores to make sure that they reached our impeccable standards. Each store required decorations to all internal walls and skirts, both on the shop floor and the back of house area. Within the Smashbox store we sprayed the soffit and the high level bulkhead at the front of the store to get a full coverage through the store. After we completed our work in these stores, we also moved on to work on internal decorations at the MAC store in White City.

When we simultaneously work on multiple projects with the same projected opening date, we’re more than happy to work on all stores at the same time to ensure consistency. We have extremely flexible schedules that we’re happy to work around for all of our clients. So depending on whether you need multiple stores working on at the same time, or a store open through the day that requires working on through the night, we’re eager to make sure that our team meets your requirements.