Urban Decay

We completed work in an Urban Decay store based in Covent Garden, a project that lasted a short period of time between 31st October and 5th November 2017. Our work in Covent Garden was strictly an internal project, as we worked on decorating the basement, the ground floor sales area (as pictured), and the new manager’s office.

After completing the work in Covent Garden we also went on to decorate another Urban Decay store that was based in Carnaby Street in London. In this store we were asked to do some taping and jointing – a simple procedure that smoothly applies plasterboards to an area without having to manually plaster the room – before we painted the entire interior of the store.

We enjoy working with brands like Urban Decay, as it gives us the opportunity to work with a creative enterprise that values artistic flair in our work. With a history of working with similar brands to theirs, they knew we were the perfect choice for their store, and we were more than happy to prove them right!

Urban Decay has been open for nearly 20 years, and based their business from the simple idea that the makeup industry could expand to include colours more interesting than just red, pink, and beige. Over time they have grown bigger and bigger, selling their products not only in their own stores, but also through retailers like Debenhams.