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This store was originally a Co-op and has been acquired by Waitrose.

This was the first Waitrose job for us and we were very much looking forward to it getting underway. After the initial site visit to meet with the project director, we were given the programme of works. It was highlighted within the programme that it was a fairly tight schedule and that our works would see us on site for approximately 3 weeks, with 4 men needed to carry out our works within the scope.

We advised the contractor that we were to use dulux paints throughout the contract and supplied our Risk assesments, Method statement and COSHH assesments to site for the Health and Safety file.

The intial phase of works was centered around the strip out and associated external excavation works, which involved a large amount of heavy plant and machinery.
Because of these works taking place, we decided to start on the east elevation of the building, painting the render to the walls. After 2 days we were able to start mist coating the dry lining internally, using aluminium scaffold and a scissor lift to reach the high parts of the store. We had qualified PASMA operatives on site to faciltate the erecting of the scaffold and an IPAF qualified operative for the use of the scissor lift.
The offices and back of house areas were next to be painted. These rooms involved a lot of preparation work and alot of consideration of the other trades people working within the same vicinity.

Once the dry lining and tape and jointing was complete on the sales floor, we were able to start prepping and mist coating the new surfaces. This invloved all 4 members of our team as our time to complete was limited. The paint which was requested to be used was an Acrylic eggshell, so we needeed to give the walls 3 coats to satisfy the client.

For the last week or so, we had to work outside of the initial programme and alongside the senior project managers, as the site was very busy with trades people all around. On request, we integrated into a daily programme which saw us working in all corners of the store, to help the contract continue to move forward at pace. This proved our adaptability to circumstances out of our control and in light of working closely with the key people on site, we were granted a “Platinum Card” for impeccable site behaviour and quality of workmanship. We were pleased to find later, that they do not give out these awards out often, which pleased us immensely.

All in all, this proved to be a very good job for us and we have been promised more work in light of the positive feedback we have received by all levels of the clients’ ops team.