Safely Working in the Construction Industry through the COVID-19 Pandemic

When Covid-19 hit the world in early 2020, many businesses were unsure of what was to come.

The government decided to allow the Construction Industry to continue for the sake of the economy.

While our work was allowed to continue, this was on the basis that rules and guidelines were in place in order to create a safe working environment. These rules include keeping a 2m distance on site, regularly sanitising hands, checking temperatures daily before attending site, and of course – staying at home if any symptoms arose.

Our team have been vigilant with these rules, for themselves and also for the safety of our customers. Luckily we have never had a positive case at DDS and we believe this is down to our strict procedures.

We are extremely fortunate to have been able to carry on with our work during the pandemic, as so many businesses have not been so lucky.

We will continue to work safely, to bring you the best painting & decorating service we can. And we assure you, safety is of the utmost importance to us.