Seasonal Painting To Refresh Your Buildings Exterior

seasonal painting service

The seasons can all have massive effects on the external paintwork on your building, which is why seasonal painting can be so important to maintaining the quality of your building. Here at DDS we know all the best ways to provide external painting that will last the turns of the season, with a professional finish on every building we leave.

Providing seasonal painting to your building 

Now that winter has officially passed, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the exterior of your building. If you haven’t had your building painted recently, or you’ve noticed issues with the external paint currently applied, then you might have suffered even more through winter that you may already think. Winter has many effects on external paint, including:

  • Exterior paint can fade or lose its original glow, and can even become chalky if it has been overly exposed to UV rays
  • If there have been extreme variations in temperature then that can cause surfaces to expand and contract, which often causes paint to crack
  • Winter lows have even been known to change the colour of your exterior paint, with darker colours of some budget paint looking frosted or even turning white

With these changes you’ll notice a significant difference in the exterior of your building, which can detract from the design. Because of this we know how important it can be to produce a reliable and professional service to cover your building. Here at DDS we are always happy to provide our professional external painting that won’t leave anything to be desired.

Booking your external paint work with DDS

If you’re interested in getting in touch with a member of our team regarding our seasonal painting to see how we can help your building to feel brand new for the summer months, then you can reach us by calling 0151 550 0112. Here you’ll be able to find someone who can help you to arrange your external painting job to keep your building looking fresh this summer.