A Short Summary of The DDS Team

It’s crucial that a business must run like a well oiled machine to achieve the highest standards. In order for that to happen – you must first start with your team. At DDS our staff work well together, covering every aspect of the business. From painting to pricing, we cover a vast number of services.

We of course have our experienced painters & decorators, without them there would be no DDS! We also have our Project Managers, who handle the overall running of our projects from site. They will communicate with our office staff throughout each project, ensuring it runs smoothly.

The DDS office team consists of a Managing Director, a Health & Safety Manager, a Commercial Manager, an Operations Director and a Senior Administrator. Each member of staff is valuable to the running of the company. Our Managing Director – Keith Connolly, oversees all members of staff and all company operations.

We pride ourselves on our quality here at DDS, and we’re proud of the work force we’ve put together over the years.

Find out more about the DDS team here, or connect with us on LinkedIn.