DDS’ Long Standing Work on Specsavers Stores

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As with all of our clients we build a strong relationship that lasts, which has made us a reputable and trustworthy company. A prime example of this is our work with Specsavers which began in 2014. Since then we have worked on a total of 44 stores across England and Wales, 14 of them have been in the last year alone and we have more to come in the near future.

Depending on the site, our work with Specsavers has included taping and jointing, internal decoration and sometimes external painting. We work on stores which are rebranding from an old design to a new design, or stores which are expanding or remodelling and even brand new stores.

As with many commercial projects, timing can be an issue as many stores need to be open for trading while refurbishment takes place. Depending on the needs of the business, we will accommodate by adapting our working hours and decorating techniques to ensure that the work is completed to the desired timescale without negatively impacting the business.

For stores that are rebranding or expanding, we will work through the night so that trading in the day can continue as normal. As new stores are vacant whilst being decorated, we can work days or nights depending on the needs of the contract. To speed up the refurbishment process we work closely with The Fit Out company, Mentha & Halsall and this partnership means work is completed to tight deadlines. We also use certain decorating techniques which work great for shopfitting due to their speed and efficiency, such as taping and jointing.

Taping and Jointing

specsavers taping and jointing

With commercial projects time is precious, so finding quick and effective solutions is important to speeding up the process and causing as little disruption as possible to the business. Many buildings need to be plastered and although it is an effective way of smoothing out walls it is also a timely and costly process. Taping and jointing on the other hand achieves the same results a lot faster. Taping and jointing is a method that is particularly used in commercial areas due to its speed and effectiveness.

Taping and jointing takes place after the plaster boards have been fitted and before internal painting and decorating can begin. We tape and joint the new partition walls, the ‘tape’ is used to bridge the gap, and the remaining joint is filled and sanded (usually twice) to achieve a smooth and uniform surface. As seen in the picture above, taping and jointing is a method we use on the Specsavers projects as it is important to achieve smooth partition walls at a fraction of the time and cost of a plaster finish.

Commercial Painting

After taping and jointing, decorating the walls can begin. The finishing touches are what bring the project together and make it a success. Having a professional clean appearance is important for commercial buildings. As a finishing trade this is where our quality finish and attention to detail is the key.

External Painting

specsavers external painting beforespecsavers external painting after

With commercial properties, the exterior of the building needs to be inviting and welcoming to entice people to venture inside. Not only have we worked on the inside of many Specsavers stores, we have also provided the same quality service on the outside. We give that glossy finish to the exterior of buildings.

Providing Quality Commercial Decorating in Liverpool and Nationally

Specsavers is just one example of how reputable we have become as we build strong links with many of our commercial clients. We are excited about the future projects with Specsavers with two starting this month, and indeed our many other projects. You can take a look at some of the progress we made at Specsavers in Weston-Super-Mare last month over on our Twitter or Linked In pages.

If you have a commercial project that you would like us to work on then do not hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0151 550 0112.