The Importance of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

PPE – or in other words Personal Protective Equipment, is necessary on building sites for Health & Safety reasons. We take our commitment to Health and Safety very seriously. We like to make sure to come prepared to every site we attend.

Basic PPE for us would consist of:

  • A hard hat – for obvious reasons, protecting the head against falling objects
  • A high visibility waistcoat with our DDS company logo – this will help easily identify our team in case of a fire
  • Appropriate safety boots with steel toe caps – to prevent feet from falling objects
  • Safety gloves – for protection of the hands and skin
  • Dust masks – to ensure no debris will enter the respiratory system

Depending on the type of work we are undertaking, we may need additional PPE. For example, if we were to use a needle gun on site – this would be extremely loud when used up close and would require ear plugs or ear defenders. If we were undertaking work where eyes may be exposed to dust or debris, safety goggles would be required.

In conclusion, PPE is advantageous and should be used by all contractors.