What is Airless Spraying and Why Use It?

what is airless spraying

When painting on commercial projects, you need a method that paints seamlessly and evenly, something that paint brushes or rollers can’t achieve. Airless spraying is a great method to give a consistent coating to surfaces and is a technique that we often use for our clients. What is airless spraying? Read on to find out!

How does airless spraying work?

Airless spraying works by breaking the fluid into small droplets with high pressure which pumps the paint through the spray tip where the paint is released in a fan-like action to give an even finish.

What are the benefits of airless spray painting?

The popularity of this method of painting is due to its many benefits. The finished appearance of an airless spray painted surface is what draws our customers towards it, as it gives a uniform and seamless finish.

As painting and decorating contractors we often have a number of projects that have tight deadlines, and therefore we’re always looking for efficient ways to get the job done while still retaining a high quality service. Airless spray painting is rapid (up to 10 times faster than traditional methods of painting) which means that meeting these tight deadlines is now made realistic.

Although it’s much faster, airless spraying doesn’t compromise on quality. It actually creates a higher quality finish than brushes or rollers on all types of surfaces, making it a versatile decorating tool that’s great for both external and internal projects.

Cost is also an important factor for these projects and this painting method can save a lot of money just from the diminished time spent painting.

What is airless spraying used for at DDS?

We’ve got a lot of experience with airless spraying, particularly on commercial projects. We have used it with emulsions and topcoats on walls, ceilings, soffits, and steelwork.

We’ve worked on many large commercial projects that have involved employing airless paint spraying, including Specsavers and Michael Kors stores.

If you have a project that you think this painting method will work well on, why not give it a try? Our expert team of painters and decorators will fully prepare the area to ensure a high quality finish and provide a distinctive service from start to finish.

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