What Is Taping And Jointing?

what is taping and jointing

What is taping and jointing? In short, it’s a commonly used procedure that can create a perfect base for painting and decorating without having an entire room plastered. We frequently use taping and jointing here at DDS, as it helps on jobs that could otherwise be time-consuming if we followed other methods. As such, it can be quite important to know exactly what is involved in taping and jointing, just in case you might be receiving this as part of your service with us.

Understanding taping and jointing

The overall process of taping and jointing involves covering and reinforcing all of the seams between the sheets of plasterboard that have been applied to a wall or ceiling. This method is used to help to prepare walls for decoration, and is an alternative to skim coating (where the whole surface of the plasterboard would be covered with a thin layer of plaster).

commercial taping and jointing

Throughout this process joint tape is used to bridge the gaps between sheets of plasterboard, and then the tape is embedded in jointing compound. This helps to strengthen the plasterboard joints, which can stop any cracks from appearing later. After this, a few more additional layers of jointing compound are then applied with either a knife or trowel to create a smooth finish that is ready for painting or wallpapering.

After this process there won’t be an extra layer of plaster added on top of the plasterboard, as the jointing compound will be blended into the wall so that all of the joints are flush with the surface of the plasterboard. This technique is called feathering, and involves blending each coat of compound into the plasterboard so that the joint disappears and a smooth finish is created. The jointing compound is blended by moving away from the centre of the joint using different size taping knives until it merges seamlessly with the plasterboard.

DDS provide seamless taping and jointing services

When you’re looking for a company to decorate your commercial premises you want to be certain that the service you’ll be receiving is exactly right – smooth, cohesive, and well-designed.

Here at DDS, we have a professional and well trained team who always provide incredible results that keep our clients coming back for to us for future commercial painting or decorating projects. Now you know the answer to the question ‘what is taping and jointing’, find out how we can use our skills to help on your commercial projects by getting in touch with us on 0151 550 0112.