Commercial Vinyl Wallcoverings

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Our expert tradesmen are professionals at applying commercial vinyl wallcoverings and wall graphics to internal walls on commercial decorating projects.

Our commercial vinyl wallcoverings are suitable for many types of commercial enterprises including businesses like banks, offices, and retail outlets. We use durable, commercial-grade coverings when we’re working on commercial projects, with the specific type of material that we apply depending entirely on your individual requirements.

You might find that your project could be better suited to fabric-backed vinyl rather than to a paper-backed alternative – but this will all be discussed with you so that you’re aware of the different options you have for your project. We’re always happy to offer you our advice and expertise.

We use specialist equipment to apply vinyl wallcoverings and all of our tradesmen are trained and competent in using an overlap and splice technique to provide a smooth and cohesive finish.

DDS UK are among the few who are able to apply the reptilian style wall coverings, which we employed during our works on the Michael Kors store in Leeds. The technique behind this application had proved too difficult for other contractors to undertake and, because of our success, we were given a further eight stores throughout the UK.

We strive to use commercial vinyl wallcoverings to effectively finish off internal decorating projects.